Our favourite question to answer: How to make a Negroni.

Our favourite question to answer: How to make a Negroni.

After trying multiple variations and dozens of perfectly crafted Negronis, we've concluded that the cocktail is one of our all-time favourites. We love the simplicity of the ingredients and how easy it is to make. The way the gin, Campari and sweet vermouth blend seamlessly together to give us that ever so sought-after balance of sweet and bitter is perfect.

How to make: Negroni.

If you're just getting into cocktail making, you may ask your local bartender how to make a Negroni. It's simple and requires only a few ingredients and basic bar equipment. The recipe and ingredients for a Negroni are below:

The ingredients for a classic Negroni.

  1. Gin
  2. Sweet Vermouth
  3. Campari
  4. Orange Peel

To make a Negroni is straightforward; just grab a mixing glass, and pour in;

  1. 1oz sweet vermouth
  2. 1oz Campari
  3. 1oz gin,

Add a generous amount of ice into the mixing glass and stir for 12-16 seconds. Finally, strain your Negroni into a rocks glass over the largest ice cube you can find. Garnish this masterpiece with an orange twist, and voila–one of the best cocktails around.

A negroni photographed with a bottle of Campari and oranges.

Photo Credit - Jordan Curry

Why is the Negroni such a famous cocktail?

Well, really, that's kind of subjective. While Negronis are downright delicious, the ingredients also have some benefits. Campari is also considered an aperitivo, which means it kick-starts your digestion before a meal. This is why it's such a perfect before-dinner drink, as it will help your body digest your food more accessible.

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