About The Barbacks

We're a community of cocktail lovers highlighting amazing cocktail recipes and celebrating the people and places that make the hospitality industry great.

We are bar lovers, industry pros, and aspiring mixologists who learn from each other to make ourselves more informed and better at what we do.

If you're curious about your favorite drink (or want to get started on your new favorite), we've got a place for you.

How great it would be if there was a resource where information could be shared freely between bartenders across different cities and countries?

The Barbacks is your resource for anyone interested in making cocktails or learning more about them.

Whether you’re new to the world of bartending or have been at it for decades, this is your place to come together as one community of industry professionals by sharing resources with each other to get better at what we do every day: serve great drinks with excellent service!

It’s about the bartenders who pour their hearts into each drink they make.

It’s about the bar owners who pour their blood, sweat, and tears into making their bars everything they can be.

It's also about all those behind-the-scenes folks: the managers, assistant managers, head barmen/women; who work just as hard if not harder than everyone else!

The people behind The Barbacks are just like you; just because we write this blog doesn't mean we don't have night jobs too!

If there are any questions we haven't answered yet or topics that interest you but aren't covered here already, feel free to drop us an email; our team loves hearing from readers and will do their best to answer any questions anyone has about anything related directly or indirectly related!

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